Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laptop Computer Buying Guide

Currently, I'm using a desktop PC as all-in-one tools to write an article, programming, build a website, fulfill my entertainment needs, etc. One of the major problems for desktop PC is I can't take wherever I want, although I already connected to wireless connection in my house, I still have a cable problem if I want to move for example from my room to TV room.

Gladly, my wife has a netbook which sometimes I can borrow for a while when she doesn't use it. Sometimes I think I need another netbook or notebook as a complement tools for my jobs instead of a desktop PC, but I still configure it in my mind, whether my decision right or wrong.

I'm looking for an article about laptop computer buying guide, and found some enlightenments. The most important things when you have a plan to buy laptop is standard requirements. My standard requirements are laptop with wireless networking, good battery life, small and lightweight (the latest is optional). Now, I already have some insights about what brand and what type of laptop which can fulfill my needs.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Internet Business Journey

I have several businesses which primarily focused on Internet-based business. Why internet-based business? One of the reason is the flexibility and cheaper start-up costs. Several years a go, I already had experience managing non-internet businesses and all of them require high investment and high start-up costs, even the business not started yet!.

Now, I changed my overall business strategy. I'm starting with making money online and after some points, I will start thinking opening off-line businesses. For short, I'm starting my online making money journey 2 years a go, after one of my friends bring presentation CD from one of the famous online money making stars.

I start to read all about making money online references, joining forums, become an active members of community and several others. After several months, I can see some revenue streaming down to my pocket (it's not much but it's worthed). Until now, I have several websites, which focus on content provider, e-commerce and several others. All of them give enough money to me and my family.

Of course, as an entrepreneur, I won't stop here. There are so much challenge I wish I can conquer, especially related with off-line money making. Saying about online money making, some of you maybe asking, what's the tips and tricks in order to get success in this industry? The principle is the same as other businesses, you have to be discipline, won't give up, and honest. Surely, there are many others factors in order to succeed in this industry, such as skills, willing to learn, willing to share and many others. Don't forget, if you entirely new to this, there are many phrase that might you have to get used to, such as websites, e-commerce, programming, php, mysql, wordpress, joomla, cms, web hosting and many other IT-internet phrase.

Good luck!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Car DVD Players, Worth to Buy?

Car DVD Players, although still debatable, mostly related to safety reason, many peoples still looking to buy this products. If you and your family likes to go travelling for long distances, the car DVD players can help you out from boring situations, especially for your kids, they can watch their favorite cartoon programs right from the car.

Currently, there are many types of car DVD players, from the original ones (without additional features), until car DVD players with additional features, such as surround sound car theater system or additional GPS Navigation system. Which one is the best? Sure, you are the only one who can answer that question, depending on your prefrerence and budget.

There are several things you should considered when buying car DVD players, such as budget (although now car DVD players prices has drop compared several times ago when this product first launched), design, functionality and the most important thing is safety. Don't forget, never watch your DVD Players when you're drive!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Looking for UK Clothing Online Stores?

During this world economics crisis, you should smarter in spending your monthly budget. If there are an alternatives that much more cheaper then you might should consider the cheaper ones. This rules also applied to clothes buying. Nowadays, you should consider buying cheaper clothes for your daily needs, as long as it fits with your needs and comfort enough to wear.

There are many alternatives to shop for clothes out there. I suggest you buy product online, it's cheaper and easier for you compared to go for real shopping.

If you live in UK, there are many uk clothes shop, one of them, try visit Divine Trash Online Fashion. Divine Trash is one of the fastest growing UK online clothing store. They offered some of the very best high fashion brands. I checked it by myself and found many items for your clothing needs, such as collection of Fenchurch clothing, collection of Fly53 clothing, French Connection, Jack & Jones and of course there are still many others yet.