Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Choosing Web Hosting Package

Building a website is an easy task, if you can't managed it by your self, you can ask someone to build them for you, of course you had to spend more money for their service. Choosing a hosting package is different story, sometimes they don't give best service as what they already promised to us. Moreover, right now there are many hosting companies competing for your attention, how can you choose which one is most suitable for you?

Here I'll give some basic tips how to choose best hosting company:
  • Don't just looking for cheapest price - From my experience, cheapest is not best. I prefer a web hosting company which offer best value although they are not cheapest in price. You should learn and compare each value they offered with another web hosting company.
  • Don't just looking for high bandwidth and high disk space they offered. If you have a low traffic sites, then this features almost have no benefit for you. The different case if you have a high traffic site, then you should consider dedicated server with special bandwidth and special disk storage.
  • The last point I would you consider in choosing a web hosting package is their customer service. Soon or later you had to deal with your hosting company customer service. Better and quicker respond means better for you.
Actually there are still many more points to consider if you want to choose web hosting company for your websites. You can go through advance reading using Top 10 Web Hosting as your keyword in your favorite search engines.