Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shoes - More Expensive is Better?

Do you agree with me? After reading some resources on the net, I get some fact about factirs contributed to the price of a pair of a shoes. First, the price of a shoes depends on the material used. The more exclusive and expensive the material, the more expensive the price of the shoes. Second, it's all about manufacturing costs and research. Higher manufacturing cost will make the price of the shoes more expensive.

Third is all about branding, the more famous a brand, the pricier the pair of shoes will be. Fourth, designer cost, more talented tends to higher costs and the pricier the shoes would be. So, it is always reasonable to buy an expensive shoes. But you should consider your pocket strength too. If you want to buy shoes, try back to the basic function of the shoes, to protect your feet! Anyway, Blowfish Shoes has many collections of Blowfish Women's Shoes and Blowfish Men's Shoes. Check them out!