Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laptop Computer Buying Guide

Currently, I'm using a desktop PC as all-in-one tools to write an article, programming, build a website, fulfill my entertainment needs, etc. One of the major problems for desktop PC is I can't take wherever I want, although I already connected to wireless connection in my house, I still have a cable problem if I want to move for example from my room to TV room.

Gladly, my wife has a netbook which sometimes I can borrow for a while when she doesn't use it. Sometimes I think I need another netbook or notebook as a complement tools for my jobs instead of a desktop PC, but I still configure it in my mind, whether my decision right or wrong.

I'm looking for an article about laptop computer buying guide, and found some enlightenments. The most important things when you have a plan to buy laptop is standard requirements. My standard requirements are laptop with wireless networking, good battery life, small and lightweight (the latest is optional). Now, I already have some insights about what brand and what type of laptop which can fulfill my needs.