Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Search Your Friends Using Spock

Already heard about Spock- the best for people search before? Spock is the new people search engine. Unlike Google, Yahoo or MSN, spock focusing their service in people search. Spock is really cool, performs a unique function that is well outside the range of capabilities of current search engines. You can find more people using Spock rather than via Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines.

First of all, you need to sign-up in order to optimize your results. The registration process takes no charges. After then, you should fill your name, email and your tags. Tags is very important in this process, tags can help you search a friend based on their tags, such as blogger, U2 lovers, etc. You can fill the tags with terms which is most suit with your personal information.

After completing the registration process, now let's try our search. Say I want to find "php programmer" to improve my websites. What you have to do is typing "php programmer" in the search box and see the results. If you feel the search is too broad, you can filter using extra keyword, such as adding your location, for instance New York. This way, you can search a php programmer based on location near you. Great isn't it?

If you want more advanced results, try click "Advanced" on the right search box. This way, you can sharpening your search based on Location, Age Range, Gender or filter only people who have photos in their account. Try them! Spock is new approach on finding people on the internet "jungle".

Currently, Spock.com still in beta version, frankly can't wait until the full version came out! In order to make this people search engines bigger, you should sign up yourself and start invite (refer) your friends to try this free service also. This way, in the future, I'm sure Spock will become major reference if you want to find friends or old friends which is already loss contact. Wanna try? You have to! Spock - the best for people search.