Saturday, July 12, 2008

Laptop Buying Tips

Compared to Desktop PC, laptop has many advantages, the greatest one is about their flexibility and mobility. With laptop, you still can do your jobs while you are out of your office. If you have a plan to buy laptop, here I will share with you some of tips for buying Laptop Computers.
  1. If you looking for daily use laptop, I suggest you to pick up AMD processor rather than Intel. Why? Because AMD has cheaper price and the performance is good enough for daily work (I'm using AMD too).
  2. With current applications and system operation (Linux or Windows Vista), RAM with 512 MB is a must, bigger is better. Don't forget, make sure the laptop is upgradeable, perhaps you want to upgrade it later.
  3. Faster processor is better, but don't forget to think rationally. If you want laptop help you finishing your jobs using regular application such as office, internet browsing, email, and some other "light" application, then processor with 1.6 GHz is more than enough.
  4. Select laptop from major brands which already proved in their performance, such as IBM, Dell, HP, etc.
  5. Make sure your laptop equipped with wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) support. Many hotspots around us right now, so with Wi-Fi support, you can use hotspot facilities using your laptop.
Last tips, I suggest you make little research using information from the internet in order to guide you better when decided to buy laptop. There are many sites on the internet which offers best price and best products for you. Also consider buying online, usually this will save you some money. Online shopping also can help you finding your products you want to buy such as MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, and many others, happy buying...