Friday, May 2, 2008

Can CPA Affiliate Make Me Earn Big Money?

Today, I'm joining Clickbooth Publisher Network. The registration process will take not more than 3 minutes, it's quite fast isn't it? After completing your personal information, Clickbooth will call you for PIN confirmation. Once I press Call Now button, my cell phone ringing and a machine did tell me about my PIN. After that, they will ask you to fill about your website currently ran by you. In max. 72 hours they will give information whether your application approved or rejected.

The big question is, can we make big money from CPA affiliates? I tell you that some of my friends already did it! But how he did it? That's the big questions. Some reference I read said that there are several tips if we want to succeeded in CPA affiliates industry. First, we have to focus on our target market. For instance, if we run adult content site then put a CPA offer for an adult dating network. If we run an automotive related site, try find a site (forums) that discuss about automotives.

Second, manage your budget. If you using PPC campaigns such as Yahoo Publisher Network, Google Adwords or MSN Adcenter to drive traffic to your site, you must set your budget into daily basis. This way, you can get control your costs while you testing a campaign. Third, you have to pay attention on your statistics information, usually CPA networks already gives this. Or, you might consider using third party tracker for your ads. More detailed is better. And, last, because web competition is getting tighter in the future, you should be creative to attract more visitors, increase conversion rates, this can be done by watching your competitors action and react to their actions. Always give a fresh idea to your visitors.

I think, there are many others tips out there you can read by yourself, but the most important thing is start act now, be focus and improve and improve!