Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Travel to Paris

If talking about fashion trends, you should have a word “Paris, France” in your minds. This is natural since Paris has become world fashion trend setter, followed by Italy. There are many well-known fashion designers live in Paris, you can mention by your self. Dreaming if I had a chance to go there sometimes, my wife must become the most happiest ladies in the world :).

Talking about dreaming, do you have a plan to go vacation to France? I have a family, last year she and her several friends get a vacation in France. She talk much about her journey to France, makes me become more interested to go there with my family. France has their own language (some people said they have sexiest language in the world), but don't worry, as a tourist you don't have to mastering their language first, I'm sure there are many translators there. There are many attractions in France, lets say Notre Dame Cathedral , The Louvre , Arc De Triomphe , Eiffel Tower , Centre Pompidou, and still many more which you can see there.

If you have a plan to go to France, I had several suggestions about hotels in this country. France Hotels, Paris Hotels, Paris Latin Quarter Hotels, Cheap Paris Hotels and Nice Hotels was good recommendations for you who want to get perfect hotels for your vacation. Remember, Paris is one of the most attracted vacation destinations in this world, you have to booking the hotels far away before you plan for traveling, just in case it's peak season, better you prepare this before.