Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jewelry Investment

Hello my fellow readers, we meet again through this post. Actually, I want to ask you all about jewelry investments. Do you have any idea to do that? Or might be you already done that before? Until now, frankly I don't thinking about investment in jewelry. Whats across in my mind about investment was stocks or lands or house. Why? I don't have exact reason but it is related with security.

The last jewelry I've bought was wedding rings for my wifes, it's about one and a half years ago. Until now, it's still kept by my wifes cause it was a symbol for our commitments. Now, since I already had an income (although its not quite a lot) I start thinking the medium for us to invest, one of the choice was goes to jewelry. One of the strength if we invest in jewelry was its liquidity. If we have sudden unpredictable money, then we can sell the jewelry fast, and we can buy another jewelry again if we had already have enough money. Jewelry itself can be broke down to three stuffs which we can wear it for daily use, it can be a watch, jewelry or diamonds.

I'm sure there are many watch buyers, jewelry buyers or diamond buyers near your hometown. If there aren't, you still can looking for online jewelry buyers and diamond buyers. There are many online jewelry buyers, just make sure you transact only with trusted buyers (usually already have a good brand recognition).

There are several consideration for me to take jewelry as an investment. As an investment alternatives, jewelry last a long time (almost forever?) compared to cars or houses. Also, jewelry has its own “fashion sense” if you prefer for prestige. What I've not learn much was about safety. The biggest risk might was stolen. But can be avoided by kept the jewelry in secure place or get some bank services, usually they offering for safe deposit box to store your valuable things.

Back to main questions, how about you? Do you make jewelry as an investment alternatives too? Or do you have any other opinions? Cannot wait to hear your responds about this. Shoot me an email, maybe we can share and discuss further.