Sunday, March 30, 2008

Online Degree Programs? Why Not?

Last year, on Nov 2007, I graduate from my study. Right now I have a bachelor degree in Business and Management. Not a super student but I quite happy with my graduation cause right now some of my friends hasn't finish their study yet.

After this stage, some of my friends ask whether I will continue my study to the next higher level? For now, I don't have that plan, cause I still focus on my business. But maybe in the next 3 or 5 years I will rethinking again about that plan. Actually I'm interested in short course or other applicative major which I can join through online, some called as online degree programs. I prefer choose online degree because if I join online degrees, I can suit my business activities with my study. Sure this will help me enough, cause business (making money for my family) was in the top priority for me. How about you? Have a different opinion about online degree programs? Share with us!