Monday, March 3, 2008

My Most Wanted Gadget in 2008

Hello all my readers, do you have a plan to buy new gadget in 2008? Some of you might answering yes. It is very natural because almost every person loves gadgets. Whether its cellular phones, game console, mp3 player, blu-ray player or maybe brand new HDTV to replace your conventional CRT TV. Before you tell me what is your most wanted gadget this years, I will start from myself. This years, I already prepare to buy two brand new gadget. It is, PDA / smart phones to replace my old cellular phone right now and the second one is HDTV. Actually, I have one more gadget want to buy, that is Nintendo Wii, but its for my sons.

For PDA, I prefer choosing no-touch-screen techno, since to me, touch screen is not comfortable. Second, the keyboard must be qwerty, since one of my daily routine jobs was writing and updating my websites. The third requirements is it must be cheap enough in order to meet my limited budget. There are already several candidates, but I will not discuss in this article, maybe in the next article I will inform you.

HDTV, this is not-cheap-gadget, but really I need it. I have 2 TV right now, and they all broken. I will replace with brand new HDTV. Since HDTV categorized as non-cheap-gadget to me, I have to smart enough to choose which store offered best prices. One of online store currently I'm watching is, they were authorized dealer of Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Denon, Marantz, JVC, Hitachi and more big brands. The best part of is a features called Great Deal of the Day which might can be one solution for me to get HDTV with good price. This store trusted enough since they were built in 2003 (almost 5 years experience).

If one of you have similar wishes this year, to buy HDTV, you can find Great Deals of the Day right here, also you can sign up to receive through their email or RSS.