Friday, February 29, 2008

Finding Hotels for Your Traveling

If you have traveling hobbies, I guest most of you know that hotels was one of primary factors which can define whether your traveling will happy ending or not. There are several factors which make a hotels can be categorized as good quality hotels, modest quality or poor quality. For me, the most important things is about their place – whether their place is strategic or not – and the overall services they offer to their guest.

Why I said that? Lets say, you picked cheap priced hotels and you already glad with your efforts. When you arrive in the traveling site, you disappointed because the distance between your hotels and your traveling destination is far enough. You have to spent more money to get in the site. You can then recalculate your total expense between hotels which is near from the traveling site (have a strategic place) and hotels which does not have strategic place.

The second factor is about hotels quality. Quality defined as how far the gap between customers expectation and the service offered. Closer gap means better quality. Do you need for warm water bath room rather than only cool water? Do you need television which can broadcast international channel than television with only broadcast local network? You have to be smart and details on picking hotels for your needs.

What I can suggest to you? The only way out you have to prepare hotels matter far far away before you plan for traveling / get vacation. Its not easy, yes, I agree with that. If you don't have enough spare time then you can try for online booking services. One of them is offered by You can find for a lot of hotels in many travel destinations, such as Barcelona Hotels, Prague Hotels, London Hotels, Dublin Hotels, New York Hotels and Rome Hotels.