Saturday, February 9, 2008

Traveling in Amsterdam, Athens, Greece and Prague

Throughout this article I will discuss about tourism in Amsterdam, Athens, Greece and Prague. Amsterdam the city hall of Netherlands. Amsterdam became one of favourite destination for tourist. There you can find Canals, Van Gough Museum, Dam Square, etc. Every single site has their own story, so I think you should go there :).

Athens, you can see Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora, Acropolis there. This all three sites has an amazing view. Temple of Olympus, begun in 515 BC, this huge temple was dedicated to the worship of Zeus. Its perimeter included 104 Corinthian columns, with additional columns inside the building that housed a huge gold and ivory statue of Zeus. Ancient Agora, Socrates strolled through the Agora 2,500 years ago engaging people in long, philosophical discussions. This unique archaeological park served as the city's marketplace from the 6th century BC to the 6th century AD. Scattered throughout the Agora are statues and ruins of numerous buildings, the most interesting of which is the well-preserved Temple of Hephaistos or Thission, built in the 5th century BC. Many archaeological finds are on display inside the reconstructed Stoa Attalou, a majestic building from the 2nd century BC. Acropolis has their own unique story too, its not challenging if I tell you all of the city in this article, you should go there by yourselves.

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