Monday, February 11, 2008

Linux Email Server

Open Mind, Open Source. I'm the one who loves open source software (OSS) very much. Counted since 2000 til now, 2008, its almost 8 years. For the first time, I'm using Linux for personal needs, its a second operating system embedded in my PC. In 2004, I try using Linux as part of my business until now, Can be said that now, Linux is the one and only operating system in my PC. One of the greatest products came with open source license is Linux, founded by Linus Torvalds, this operating system, slowly but sure, have increased their users. Why? Cause it's cheap (free). Open source license can be defined as a license which you can use, develop or redistribute for FREE. Yes, it's free.

Some of you may be ask me, why some of Linux distribution not free? We have to pay to get them? Here I tell you, that what they sell is not Linux code but they sell support service, update, etc, the Linux code is still open source licensed. Good example of this is Red Hat Company.

If you run a business, and Information Technology is one of your concern, I suggest you use Open Source Software, truly this can reduce your IT budget a lot! You can replace your desktop operating system with Linux operating system, you can replace your Windows Server with Linux Server, you can replace your Exchange Server using Linux Email Server, and still many more you can replace with open source software. The largest obstacles mainly is in switching or migration process. For example, is there any Exchange alternative which is fully compatible previous email server software we use? Is this Linux Exchange can be counted as Exchange Replacement? I tell you now, that Linux and open source community now has grown very quick, what they have done now might is out of your prediction! I'm sure that Open Source Software will dominate our software in 10-15 years ahead!