Saturday, February 23, 2008

Buying a House - Financial Consideration

I had a dream have my own house, which become the place I can live with my wife and my child's. In fact, getting our own house is not a simple deal. There are many considerations involved. Such as, where you want buy? what types? how about the design? and the most confused part is the budgets, hehehe.

Throughout this article I want to share with you about budget (financial) considerations when buying for a house. The first question is, applying for a mortgage loans or not? If I had many idle money, might be I'll choose buying a house with cash money, but in fact nowadays my money was fit enough just for my monthly expenses. In this conditions, I would prefer choose to apply for a mortgages loans.

What amount you can borrow? In general count, you can apply for your annual salary multiplied by 5, so lets say you have $25k annual salaries, you can borrow approximately $125k. But this is not fixed conditions, you can get more than that amount. Another financial consideration is about the deposit if you plan to apply for mortgage, usually they take about 95%. This means you must deposit 5% from your total mortgage loans, take an example above, you should prepare $6150 (5% from $125k) for deposit. And might you should consider other cost too, lets say $1k or $2k. Now you can imagine for your self about financial consideration when you choose to apply mortgage.

Are you live in U.K.? If yes and you want to get more information about uk mortgages, you can browse in the internet. There are many good resource for you to learn about mortgage, one suggestions from me, you can try search for mortgage quotes and mortgage deals (there are several superb websites offering this).