Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tips - How to Earn Real Money from Your Blogs

Who doesn't have blogs nowadays? Many people right now have blogs although using non-paid service, i.e. from blogger (Google powered) or wordpress. In the past, we know blog more likely functioned as daily journal of a person, they start writing everything almost all about their life. Now, blogging is not only about daily journal but also as a means to sell products, promote or campaign products, brands or person, build community, and many other functions.

Nowadays many people like blogging because once they start press “Publish” people all over the world can read what they write. There is some satisfaction here that cannot counted with material parameters. Later this blogger community has been targeted by advertisers as one of target market. Advertisers start using blog as media to promote, they buy some space on the blog to advertise, so now blogger can monetized their blog by giving some space on their blog for blog advertising and give advertisers a chance to advertise on blogs. In this case larger blog reader is better for advertisers.

Is that it? No there are more to comes. If you want to monetized your blog, there are a lot of alternatives. Get paid to blog, this is one of well know phrase right now. Yes, you can get paid for blogging about what you like. One of them is by joining smorty. What is smorty? Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with publishers (bloggers). Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site. Yes, it is that easy, just write and you could earn money. So, if you want to blog for money right now, start build your readers and community and earn more money.