Sunday, April 6, 2008

Apply for Student Loans? Why Not?

One of my dreams when I was studying at bachelor degree was getting Master Degree in abroad, especially in US or UK. Definitely not in my country, cause I think the quality of the school is much different. Of course, there is a cost I had to pay if I choose to study abroad. The tuition fee, the living cost and any other cost almost unreachable for me.

Previously, I had a friends which is studied in Germany, he said that if you want to study abroad, you have to work as a freelance in order to get extra cash to support your study. However, if you eligible enough, you can apply for Student Loans too. Of course there is some requirements you've to met in order to get this Private Student Loans. So, if you now feels like what I feels, try to get more info about Student Loan Consolidation, I hope this can help you out of the financial problem.