Monday, March 24, 2008

Gardening as a Hobby

My wifes has a gardening hobbies. She has many plant collection in our house. She doing this not just for hobby but if there is a chance, she want to make this hobbies as a business too. I think it's not bad if my wife have a business as long as this business doesn't disturb her time to taking care of the child.

Regularly, if we had extra money, she will add her collections, whether its a flowers, herbal plant, planters or maybe her gardening tools. Right now, we have several indoor planters and outdoor planters, next if our garden finished, we will add too some garden planters. I thought, besides as hobbies, business, this activity also can make our house prettier than before. As a good husband, I will always support her dream as long as it still inline with our vision and commitment.