Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spain Attractions

Bull Fight Festivals? Matador? Barcelona City? Real Madrid Football Club? It's all goes to one place, great place, great country, Spain. I have a friends which is now studying in Groningen University, Holland. He said that a lot of his friends spending their spare time to get holidays in Spain. From Bremen, they start the journey to Barcelona by plane. It's quite close between Holland and Spain. In the future, if I have enough time and money of course :) Spain would be one of my list for vacation. Hope before 2010 I can go there. Sure I'm not visiting all cities in Spain, there are several cities which is attract me, that is Seville, Granada and Malaga.

Yesterday, I start looking for informations about Spain travel guide on the internet. I found several websites which have nice and complete informations about Spain. One more information I need if I want to go to Spain is about their accommodations. I need to get cheap, good quality and most important is their strategic place. This two most important information is already in hand, so whether I'm going to search for Sevilla Hotels, Granada Hotels or Malaga Hotels, I'm not confused anymore. Now, it's time for collecting more money in order to get my dream come true! vacation in Spain before 2010! Wish me best!