Thursday, January 31, 2008

Domain Registration

Your domain is your brand identity. Take a look at Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many others. Without any further information, most people know that three domain I mentioned above is search engine. Google, Yahoo and MSN is an example who have successfully build their brands through domains. Not just corporation or business entity, personal (you) or non profit organization might need a domain to build a brands.

Right now, domains plays an important roles to the company success. Domains with easy spell, short, easy to remember and easy to type was several requirements to the domains value. Even though there are tons of available domains out there and the price was very cheap (less then $10 per year), finding domains which has nice value is not easy as you think. Many people hunted for that domains and registering as investments alternatives. They hope they can sell that domains in the future for high price.

What about you? Do you already have domain(s) for your company? I thought registering domains sooner is better. Finding domains with good requirements, like easy to spell and easy to remember is related to luckiness. If you lucky, you can get what you want, most of the time the domains already registered by other person. If this is the conditions, only two way out, first you forget that domains and start to find another domains or you strict with that domain and email the domain owners, ask him that you interested with their domains. You should prepare for extra cash if you buy already registered domains.

My suggestion is do your domain name registration right now! No regret. Why? because registering domain is easy and it's cheap. One of the example was domain name registration through Whats their features? You can get 24/7 Customer Support, FREE Email Hosting, FREE URL Forwarding, FREE Management Tools, FREE Domain Name Parking, FREE Member Account, FREE Renewal Reminders, and the most important things is FAST Domain Approval. This site was Australian Domain Name Registrations, so you can register Australia's favourite site with cheap price of course. Build your brands with your domains right now!