Friday, September 14, 2007

Lowongan buat Lulusan Pertanian

Urgently Required
CRS Indonesia is currently implementing sustainable agriculture/Rural Agro - enterprise Development program (SA/RAeD) in collaboration with local NGO partners in six provinces in Indonesia. The program focuses on strengthening the target farmers skill and capacity in sustainable farming practises and improving their access to market. The major project activities include: various training and workshop on sustainable farming; market survey; training on marketing; and establishment of farmers marketing/business associations.
In order to support our program, we are now seeking an outstanding individual to join our team as:


Key Responsibility:
1. Take primary responsibility for ensuring the quality of the Agriculture M&E activities
2. Take the lead in the programs baseline, mid-term, and final evaluations
3. Develop and implement field monitoring system and tools
4. Design M&E training programs for local parteners
5. Provide technical assistance to CRS and partner staff in designing M&E tools and systems and reporting for agriculture program activities
6. Develop management information system of the program

For CORDAID-supported agriculture program, CRS is also opening 2 (two) positions for:


Key Responsibility:

1. Manage and monitor the overall implementation of the SA/RAeD program activities at the partner level
2. Provide technical support to partner staff in program implementation
3. Provide TOT to the farmer leaders in sustainable farming techniques and practices
4. Develop and disseminate behavior change communication (BCC) materials to promote key agriculture practices
5. Develop project monitoring report

Required qualifications:
1. Degree in agriculture or related field
2. Strong English (speaking & writing)
3. Experience with International or national NGOs in agriculture is preferable
4. Minimum three (3) year experiences in M&E - MEO
5. Excellent interpersonal, organization and communication skill - MEO
6. Minimum three(3) years experience in agriculture development programming - APO
7. Experience in using PRA, RRA and other ommunity based approaches - APO

For those interested, please send your application no later than 18 September 2007

PO BOX 4484/JKTM - JAKARTA 12044
or email to: